With Kathleen Lindstrom and Jalana Grant

Kathleen and Jalana’s doula trainings are very well received and are seen as being instrumental in changing attitudes and practice. Their doula trainings are enthusiastic and inspiring. Together, they incorporate their vast range of knowledge and experience in a respectful and caring manner. They have been training doulas for over 20 years.


Kathleen and Jalana were among the first to receive the Advanced Doula Designation which honours DONA International certified birth and postpartum doulas who have made a major contribution to the promotion and advancement of the mission and purpose of DONA International, the doula profession and in the maternal-child field.

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october 2017

14oct - 15oct 149:00 amoct 15Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$400 fee

november 2017

11nov - 12nov 119:00 amnov 12Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$400 fee

january 2018

27jan - 28jan 279:00 amjan 28Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$425 fee

april 2018

21apr - 22apr 219:00 amapr 22Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$425 fee

june 2018

2jun - 3jun 29:00 amjun 3Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$425 fee

august 2018

11aug - 12aug 119:00 amaug 12Birth Doula Training Workshop - Vancouver$425 fee


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  • I am so grateful that BC doulas are trained by the two of you and so excited for the future as the passion and caring you have brought to the profession are unmistakeably making a difference in how women experience and remember their births.

  • You have inspired me to continue to explore ways to be of service to others. My current role involves working with survivors of violence as a forensic nurse in the ER in those early few hours following a traumatic event... so I am beginning to wonder how I might use the knowledge I have gained with this new knowledge. You are the quintessential earth mothers we all long for. Thank you. You have inspired me.

  • I just wanted to send you a personal note of gratitude! I absolutely loved the Birth Doula training workshop. Your method of teaching and sharing was not only educational but very inspirational. I can hardly wait to start my journey in birth services and reaching my goal of becoming a certified DONA doula and childbirth educator.

    Michalle S
  • Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories, passion, information, and laughter. It was a weekend I will remember and cherish forever as the first step on a journey that I hope will last a lifetime.

  • I was so blown away by the workshop Kathie and Jalana held. My brain and soul felt so nourished in just two days - I haven't felt that inspired in a long time. I was expecting a much more academic experience, and was a little unnerved by needing to put my academic hat back on after having it off for a couple years now. But Kathie and Jalana's energy and spunk were contagious - I had so much fun. I was also excited that you were doing doula training in Taiwan, too! I was born there myself, although I grew up in Canada... I'm so curious about the birth culture there.

  • You are wonderful examples and respect and admire you both.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and sage words, I could not have asked for anything better.  In short, you guys rock!

    Katie M
  • Just a quick note to say how much I loved being with you both this past couple of days. The course was wonderful...but so much more than that was the passion, compassion, presence, power and joy you both exude about this very special work you do for women, families and the world. You make the world a better place.

  • I wanted to thank you both SO, SO much for a fantastic workshop this past Friday and Saturday  Really.  It was absolutely brilliantly presented with amazing key points clearly made, real life situation shared and lots of laughs peppered throughout, all the while restating what I believe and hold true to my heart: the beauty of birth is a miracle to behold and to support a woman during this time in her life is  a humble honour.  I feel very blessed to have had you both as instructors and as I sat there, I felt again and again how right this choice is for me and passionate I am about pregnancy, birth and its byproduct: babies!

    Katie M
  • I think I have found my purpose. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. They say "when the student is ready, the teacher will come". You are a beautiful soul. I am grateful.



What topics will be covered?

The focus is on the emotions and psychological processes associated with giving birth and the significance of childbirth in women’s lives as well as building theoretical knowledge and learning practical skills.  You will learn about the role of the doula, scope of practice and code of ethics as well as what the research shows about the differences doulas are making in outcomes.   We will talk about the business side of your doula work as well as how to make it all work in your life.

Are there other perinatal classes or programs that would be helpful for Doulas?

Visit the DONA website to see listings for Advanced Doula workshops or webinars.  Douglas College Continuing Education for Professional Development offers a variety of courses throughout the province as well as on-line courses.

Do you offer the Postpartum Doula Training?

We are Birth Doula Trainers but a list of dates and locations for Postpartum Doula Trainings can be found on the DONA International website .  A Postpartum Doula Training often follows our Birth Doula Trainings with AJ Appleton:

Will I be certified after taking the Birth Doula Training?

This is the first step towards certification with DONA International.  You will receive a Certificate of Attendance and can then order your certification package from DONA International.  A complete guide of the Certification process can be found at:

What is included in the training?

You will be provided a binder of course materials that are referenced to “The Birth Partner”, the required text book for the training.  Refreshments are provided for the breaks and the one-hour lunch is on your own or bring a lunch.  If possible ‘lug your mug’.

Do you offer the 'Introduction to Childbirth for Doula's' class?

Where possible, we encourage you to observe a series of prenatal classes (12 hours).  Where attendance of prenatal classes is not possible, we can offer this class if arrangements are made in advance.

 For any additional questions, please e-mail us at, or fill-out the contact form above.

Course Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the course is cancelled, due to insufficient enrollment or other circumstances beyond our control, you will be notified by email and an alternative course date will be suggested or full refund provided. Notification will be given 48 hours prior to course start date.

A refund may be requested up to two weeks before the course start date, less a 15% administrative fee. No refunds will be issued after the course begins but will facilitate a transfer of fees to an agreed upon alternative course date.